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Array: 22. Array: 11 - 20. Array: 1 - 10 | 11 - 20 | 21 - 22 

1-11 Array

Find a common feature of the animals of every group (Prompt: count their feet).



Please answer the questions:

1.How many feet does an insect have?
2.How many feet does a bird have?

1-12 Array

Order the picture by what occurred first, second and third. Tell what happened.

1-13 Array

Jim, Tony and Danny were making snowmen. Jim and Tony’s snowmen are with brooms. Danny and Tony’s snowmen are with buckets. Which child created each snowman?

1-14 Array

Two girls, Suzie and Sally have different last names.  One is Sweet and the other is Sour. What is the last name of each girl if Sour is one year older than Susie?

1-15 Array

Each picture can be explained with a subtraction like the first picture.

1-16 Array

In each equations what digit should be in the box to make each equation correct.

1-17 Array

Insert a + or - in the circles so that each equation is correct.

1-18 Array

The scale is in balance.  What is heavier one pine cone or one acorn?

1-19 Array

Let us “weigh” the numbers. Which of the three numbers should be put on the scales instead of the question mark so that the scales show weight correctly.

1-20 Array

Draw the next figure.

: 22. : 11 - 20. : 1 - 10 | 11 - 20 | 21 - 22 

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