Planet of Thinking




I. Power of observation


II. Logic of Pictures

Generalization-10. Classification-11. Comparison and analysis-16. What is unnecessary?-17. Regularities-20. Analogies-26. Schematic thinking-29.


III. Language and Thinking

Antonyms-37. Revealing the essential-37. Generalization-39. What is unnecessary?-42. Classification-46. Accuracy of formulations-50. Analogies-52. Proverbs and sayings-54. Why do people speak in this way?-56. Popular omens-58.


IV. Heuristic Thinking

Reading ciphertexts-59. Deciphering problems-62. Intellectual training-64. Anagrams-71. Metagrams-75. Monograms-76. Crosswords of the Thinking Planet-78. Chainwords-82. What do sleep, table and candy have in common?-83. Associative puzzles-84. Puzzles with prompts-85. Rebuses-88. Heuristic problems-92. Wonderful arithmetic-96. Visiting the Maya people-103. “Match” problems-104. Funny problems-107.


V. Thinking in Mathematics.

Geometrical thinking-115. Spaces and intervals-118. The cut-and-try-method-120. Arithmetical problems-122. Proportions-123. Numerical problems. Features of numbers-123. Numerical regularities. The principle of analogies-127. Combinatorics-129. Logic-131. The simplest proving-140. Planning problems-140


VI. Spatial Imagination.


VII. Improvement of attention

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