Planet of Thinking


1.Getting to Know the Thinking Planet. Power of Observation.
  Perceptive Abilities

2.The Gallery of Clever Thoughts. The «Thinking in pictures» Exhibition
  Hall № 1. Schematic thinking
  Hall № 2. What is unnecessary?
  Hall № 3. Regularities
  Hall № 4. Analogies in pictures
  Hall № 5. Associative chains

3.Thinking and Language Sister-cities

  The Logical Thinking Street
    1.The Institute for Revealing the Essential
    2.The Antonyms Quarter
    3.The Synonyms Quarter
    4.The Supermarket of Generalizations
    5.The Ministry for Classification
    6.The Bureau of Unnecessary Things «What is unnecessary?»
    7.The Committee of Language Analogies
        Complicated analogies
    8.The Homonyms Quarter

  The Heuristic Thinking Street
    1.The Center of Intellectual Trainings
    2.The Factory of Language Puzzles
    3.The Anagrams Museum
      The Hall of Mirror Anagrams
    4.The Museum of Metagrams
      The Hall of Metagrams with Saddles
    5.The Museum of Palindromes
    6.The Museum of Ciphertexts and Cryptograms
      The Hall of Ciphertexts
      The Hall of Cryptograms

    7.The National Park of Rebuses
    8.The Puzzle Shop
    9.The Palace of Associations and Associative Puzzles
      The Hall of Associations
      The Hall of Associative Riddles

    10. The Art School of Similes
    11.The Treasury of Popular Wisdom
    12.The Institute for Language Research

4.A Trip to the Thinking Islands in the Mathematical Sea

  The Logical Thinking Island
    1.Testing the Travelers. Distances.
    2.Testing the Travelers. Intervals
      Problems from the Calendar
      Clock Problems

    3.The Labyrinths of Arithmetical Puzzles
      The Golden Collection of Puzzles Solved from the End
    4.The Laboratory of Logical Thinking. Elaboration of the cut-and-try methods
    5.The Space Station. The Center for Research of Intersection and Addition of Sets
    6.Parts Problems
    7.The Center for Observation of the Numbers’ Properties
      Restoration of Numbers
    8.The Volcano of Numerical Regularities. The Principle of the Analogy Island
    9.The Geometrical Thinking Caves
      A Picture with the Stroke of a Pen on the Caves’ Walls
    10.The City of Logicsville
      The Comparison Station
      The Departments of Comparisons according to their Value
      Archeological Findings.  Truth Tables
      The Museum of Confused Signs and False Statements
      The Research Institute for the Methods of Exclusion
      The Bank of Inferences

    11.Visiting the Tribe of Combinatorians
    12.Search for the “Black box” in the rocks of the Mathematical Mountain
  The Island of Heuristic Thinking
    1.The Center for “Matches” Problems
    2.The Interplanetary Chess Federation. Puzzles on the Chessboard.
    3.The School of Heuristic Problems, Numerical Puzzles and Color Arithmetic.
      Numerical Puzzles
      Color Arithmetic

    4.The Entertainment Center for Clever Thoughts
      “Sudoku”Numerical Puzzles
      Logical Games

5.The School of Spatial Imagination

  1.The Society for Attention Development
  2.The Projections’ Society
  3.The Tangram Society

6.The Entertainment Center of the Mathematicians’ Tribe

  1.Funny Tasks on the Attention Development
  2.Selectivity of Attention
  3.Free Attention

7.The Interplanetary Leisure Hall

  1.The Amusement Parks of Funny Problems
  2.The Room of Humorous Questions
  3.The Hall of Laughing

The Wiseboy’s Examination


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