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Array: 44. Array: 11 - 20. Array: 1 - 10 | 11 - 20 | 21 - 30 | 31 - 40 | 41 - 44 

2-12 Array

Aliens informed the inhabitants of the Earth that there were three planets in their star system: Yellow, White and Blue. They lived on the second planet from the star. Suddenly the connection broke off, and the inhabitants of the Earth received two more messages which proved to be false. Here are these messages:

1) The Yellow planet is not the third one;

2) The White planet is not the second planet from the star;

3) How is the planet called from which the message was received?

2-13 Array

Red and green circles indicate to which of the two groups the animal belongs. Give a name to each group. Paint the blank circles with appropriate color.

2-14 Array

Drawings were composed from colored figures. There is a corresponding code below each drawing which describes it. Put appropriate codes below other drawings.

2-15 Array

What numbers should be put in the empty boxes?

2-16 Array

The children who live on the Planet of Thinking sometimes use special signs for doing calculations as shown:



Perform the calculations and put down the answer.

2-17 Array

The same numbers were replaced by identical figures in every example. Work out the number each figure represents.

2-18 Array

An old tribe living on the Thinking Planet had a different way of showing arithmetic. See how they wrote the numbers from 1 through 11.





Write down the symbols for other numbers and solve the examples.

2-19 Array

One bed-sheet dries in one hour and the other in two hours. A housewife hanged both for drying at the same time. When will both sheets be dry?

2-20 Array

Professor Jim went to bed at 9 o’clock in the evening and set his mechanical alarm-clock for 10 o’clock in the morning in order to have a good sleep. How many hours did professor Jim sleep?

2-21 Array

 A rabbit had 7 carrots. He ate all of them except 3 carrots. How many carrots remained?

: 44. : 11 - 20. : 1 - 10 | 11 - 20 | 21 - 30 | 31 - 40 | 41 - 44 

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