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2-22 Array

A plane flies from Los Angeles to San Francisco in one hour and ten minutes. It takes seventy minutes to return.  How can this be explained?

2-23 Array

The person is my father's son and is not my brother.  Who is the person?

2-24 Array

A child says: “I have a mother and a father but I am not their son. How can it be?

2-25 Array

There were 5 apples in the basket. Five girls were given an apple each. There remained one apple still in the basket. How could it happen?

2-26 Array

What is heavier, pound of cotton or a pound of iron?

2-27 Array

The roof on a house is not even. One side is gently sloping and the other is steep.  A rooster laid an egg on the crest of the roof. On which side will the egg roll down – gently sloping or steep?

2-28 Array

When five people standing under one umbrella will not get wet?

2-29 Array

A man walked along the street when suddenly it started to rain heavily. He had no umbrella and no hat. His shoes got wet and so did his suit and even his shirt, but not a hair on his head got wet. How is it possible?

2-30 Array

When the rooster stood with both of his feet on the scales its weight was 2 kg. How much will it weigh if he stands on one foot?

2-31 Array

Two men came up to the river. A boat lay near the shore in which only one person could find place. Both men crossed the river and continued their way. How did they do it?

: 44. : 21 - 30. : 1 - 10 | 11 - 20 | 21 - 30 | 31 - 40 | 41 - 44 

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