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Let me introduce myself:

I'm Iryna Filyak (I.Filyak(at) Since 1994 I have been a Senior Teacher at The Lviv Jerelthce Elementary School which includes intensive English study to all students. I teach the “Thinking" and Math subjects.    I have the good fortune to work with and to be a good friend with Olya His, the author of "The Planet of Thinking" series of text books.

I believe, that everything that a person does with love - is destined to succeed.



I always dreamed to have a job that I would enjoy and give joy to other people. Teaching subject «thinking» by O. His’  Planet of Thinking series became the job I was looking for. I like to travel with my young students in the Geometric Oasis, to be a director of the Gnome's School and to participate in a Committee of the Language Analogies. My students' achievements and their shining eyes make me really happy. It is especially so when I hear them say: "Everybody's opinion is valid. If you do not agree, prove your arguments". Moments like this show me that I am not just a teacher but also a witness of very special moments of a young person formation into a human being who can think independently and creatively. This fact gives me power to go through those few difficult workdays.

From my experience teaching adults, I realize that the young school students can solve puzzles and logical problems much more effectively then even adults.

About me: my name is Natalia Bordun. I taught for 9 years as a math teacher at the L’viv Academic Gymnasium. I now work for the Ukrainian Catholic University and as a teacher in “Dzherelce” primary school with advance English studies. I am implementing subject “thinking» at 4-th grade.


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