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Array: 15. Array: 11 - 15. Array: 1 - 10 | 11 - 15 

3-19 Array *

Divide each figure into 4 equal parts.

3-20 Array

Three genies – Quick, Brisk and Brave – decided to find out who flies more quickly. Quick finished 3 seconds earlier than Brisk, and Brisk finished 1 second later than Brave. Who finished earlier and how much earlier – Brave or Quick?

3-21 Array

As soon as the first snowflake reaches the ground and the pool turns into a skating-rink, Snow Queen and her three daughters –Snowstorm, Blizzard and Sleet – start to work. One of the daughters beats pillows and it snows when feathers fly out of pillows. The second daughter breathes out cold, and temperature of the air becomes lower. The third daughter freezes water to cover rivers and lakes with ice. Each daughter has only one duty. It is interesting who does what work if:
1)Snowstorm, Blizzard and the daughter who beats pillows played snowballs yesterday;
2)The daughter who freezes water is younger than Blizzard.

3-22 Array

Winnie the Pooh, Piggy, Donkey and Rabbit once went to pick berries in the forest. Each of them had trousers of different colour: red, yellow, blue and green. Donkey never puts on yellow trousers, and Rabbit never takes on red ones. Winnie the Pooh and the one in green trousers have already eaten sweet raspberry. Rabbit shows the blackberries he gathered to the one wearing yellow trousers. The one in green trousers calls Donkey and Rabbit to show them nice raspberry-canes. What color trousers does each wear?

3-23 Array

Put the right number in the place of question mark.

: 15. : 11 - 15. : 1 - 10 | 11 - 15 

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