Planet of Thinking

Aganyants Olga

The Teacher of the Highest Category, Region's Teacher of the Year Award in 1992.
(Lyceum of Art № 133, Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Feedback from parents

My daughter school has two major curriculums, general and arts. Children with a gift and talent in art study here at Lyceum of Art №133 in Kharkov, Ukraine. The departments are hoir, Dance, Theater, Art and Music. It is understandable that most children are not mathematically inclined. Therefore we (parents) are very happy that our children are also taught Logical Thinking too. The success of the class depends on the teacher. We are very fortunate to have Olga Aganyants, who has the Teacher of the Highest Category designation and received the Region's Teacher of the Year Award in 1992.
Ms. Aganyants told us about the benefits of using the “Planet of Thinking” book. Our children ‘are puffing” over tasks from this textbook.:)
I know that the lessons are presented in a very interesting manner. The teacher listens to the children's reasoning for the answer to each task. If necessary, children or Ms. Aganyants draw on the board discussed task or role play to explain the solution. The children just really love this lesson.
When there is a change in schedule and the teacher asks the students what subject they would like as a substitute the students shout in unison, "Logic! Logic! ". Certainly in the fourth grade, we will continue to learn from books of this series.
The 2008 edition of “Planet of Thinking” is printed on quality paper and is colorfully illustrated.

Good luck to you!
Sincerely, Iana.

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